You have just qualified for a chance to win an iPhone 4S!

Every we randomly select visitors to our site to participate in our Weekly Giveaway Contest. Based on today's random draw you could be the WINNER of :

Apple iPhone 4S

Act fast! Please respond within . Or we will give it to another visitor.

Here's how to win your prize:
Step 1: Click Here to answer a simple trivia question regarding your prize.

Step 2: If you answer correctly, enter your mobile number to get your personal PIN code, and reply to confirm.

Click Here to Win Your Prize!

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Jetrunr (Signed By using Yahoo)
I participated in the trivia quiz and won. I couldn't believe it!!
Reply   16  Like  7 Hours ago

MMO (Signed By using Yahoo)

Reply   15  Like  12 Hours ago
Jetrunr(Signed By using Yahoo)
Yeah...right. It was so easy. thanks Apple!
Reply   24  Like  13 Hours ago


JimTTX (Signed By using Yahoo)
I get this message popping up asking to participate in a contest and receive some gift as a reward. I was like "yeah right" cause this stuff pops up on the internet all the time. But I heard a friend of mine had won something like this so I gave it a try. I followed the simple steps and read the instructions, and a few weeks later Fedex delivered an iphone! LOL
Reply   16  Like  7 Hours ago

BruceWRR (Signed By using Yahoo)
For real? I heard the same things too regarding free iphone giveaway. Going to give it a shot!
Reply   16  Like  7 Hours ago
Yes. I couldn't believe it too! I thought it was a scam until Fedex knocked on my door!
Reply   16  Like  7 Hours ago


Thanks Apple! Just got mine.
Reply   15  Like  2 Hours ago


Kevin White
I'm still waiting for mine to come. The quiz was easy...
Reply   5  Like  Monday at 2:42pm


Fedex left a notice at my door yesterday! Lol Can't wait to pick up mine!
Reply   10  Like  Monday at 12:55pm


Tony Comer
ys, this must be a scam! Nothing is free!
Reply   1  Like  Monday at 5:18pm


Tom Kuegler
@ Tony, you must be too sceptical! Give it a shot. It only takes few seconds! You got nothing to lose..
Reply   2  Like  Monday at 9:58pm